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Your Colorado roof has kept you and your property safe for years — but you know it’s entered its final chapter. Still, with the significant cost of a roof replacement hanging over you, you’d prefer to squeeze as much life out of it as possible.

Knowing that winter is the worst possible season for roof replacements, especially in snowy Colorado, you have one simple question. “Can my roof handle another winter, or do I need to act now?”

Only an experienced team of roofers can definitively answer that question for you — and only after taking a good look at your roof. The Severe Weather team would be happy to do just that, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at the warning signs that your roof may not be capable of doing its job of protecting your Colorado home for much longer.

1. Your Roof Has Already Exceeded Its Expected Lifespan

Every roofing material has an expected lifespan. In the case of asphalt shingles (America’s most popular roofing choice), that’s typically 15 to 30 years — or a few years longer if you choose luxury shingles.

Is your roof older than that? We’d like to invite you to call the Severe Weather Roofing team to arrange a free consultation as soon as possible, because even if everything still looks good on the surface, hidden problems could cause serious issues when the first frost hits.

2. Your Roof Leaks

This one seems obvious, so let’s clarify. Leaks and water damage are always signs of roofing trouble (as you know!), but if the problem is limited to one area, roof repair services can often patch things up. If you’ve had so much repair work done that you know the members of your local roofing team by name at this point, continuing to invest in repairs is probably no longer the most cost-effective solution. Plus, you don’t want to wait around to see what an especially harsh winter can do to a vulnerable roof!

3. Your Roof Has a Saggy or Wavy Appearance

Are you eyeing real estate listings? Run in the other direction as fast and far as you can if you spot sagging or waving, unless you’re happy to invest serious time and money. Does your home have this problem? Bad news! Call Severe Weather Roofing now, and we’ll make you a top priority. Sagging and waving point to severe structural issues. Your roof may not survive a meet and greet with the next bout of snow.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

Our apologies for the pun — but we mean it quite literally. A roof that’s overstayed its welcome is one that can no longer insulate your home well, making your heating and cooling efforts ineffective and leading to skyrocketing energy bills.

5. Your Gutters Are Full of Shingle Granules

Asphalt shingles are protected with granules that can come loose over time — and when that happens, they end up in your gutters. If you spot this problem, your roof needs attention. Call us to find out if roof repairs are a viable option, or if it’s time to consider a new roof installation.

6. You Can See Daylight From Your Attic

This one speaks for itself, right? As Leonard Cohen said, “There’s a crack in everything — that’s how the light gets in.” Let’s make sure those lines stay confined to poetry and take swift action to protect your Colorado home! Roof repair may be possible, but if you already have an aging roof, the investment may not be worth it.

Want to Make Sure Your Roof Is Ready for Winter?

Not sure what to make of your aging roof’s current condition? ‘Tis the season to have your roof inspected! While Severe Weather Roofing is always here to help you with minor roof repairs or emergency roofing services, a planned roof replacement is best carried out in summer or fall.

Why not start your winter-proofing efforts with a free consultation? If your roof can handle a few more winters, an inspection will give you peace of mind. If not, we can plan ahead and make sure you get to enjoy your winter without unexpected roofing emergencies.

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