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Fort Collins gets an average of 300 very sunny days a year — but while that sounds pretty great on paper, the hot summers can feel like a lot. When you’re not hanging out right next to your AC to keep cool, you’ve also got derechos and heavy bouts of rain to worry about.

The message is clear. Summer can do a real number on you and your roof. Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration has you covered with summer roofing tips Fort Collins homeowners absolutely shouldn’t go without.

1. Schedule a Roof Inspection Before the Summer Starts

We know — if you’ve read through our blog, you’ll see this advice quite a bit. All homeowners benefit from twice-yearly (or, at the very least, annual) roof inspections, because roof inspections allow roofers to spot small issues before they worsen.

Scheduling a roof inspection is also one of the best summer roofing tips for Fort Collins homeowners, though. That’s because seemingly minor problems like curled shingles, localized granule loss, and loose flashing can instantly get worse when storms and heavy rain hit the area over the summer. If you can’t remember when you last had your roof inspected, call our Fort Collins roofing experts ASAP!

2. Planning a Roof Replacement? Book Your Contractor Ahead of Time

The best season for roof replacement lasts from May through September in Fort Collins — and that means roofing companies are often fully booked by the time you start dreaming of reflective roofing materials to keep your home cool.

If you know you’re due for a roof replacement, start considering your options during the winter and plan ahead. If you do, your summer could be a lot cooler! Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration can install UV protection roofing in Fort Collins.

Heat-resistant roofing materials that make your home more comfortable (even without blasting your AC) include clay and slate tiles, asphalt shingles with reflective granules, metal shingles, and solar roofs. These modern roofing solutions help Fort Collins homeowners save on energy bills without breaking a sweat!

3. Think About Having a Reflective Roof Coating Installed

Does your Fort Collins roof still have a lot of life left in it? Not all innovative roofing materials call for a complete roof replacement. Reflective roofing materials designed to coat your existing shingles are a lower-cost option that can make your summers a lot cooler. While many roof coatings are specially designed for flat or low-sloped roofs, residential coatings for pitched roofs also exist.

4. Clean Your Gutters Before the Rainy Season

Not all summer roofing tips for Fort Collins require the help of a roofing contractor. Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of responsible roof maintenance in Fort Collins, because your roof might not be able to handle heavy winds and rain if your gutters are all clogged. Take care of this chore before the summer starts, and your roof will thank you.

5. Consider These Roof Ventilation Tips in Fort Collins

Don’t let out of sight become out of mind! As the heat builds up in your attic and humidity levels rise, you risk damage to your roof deck, walls, and ceilings. Attic ventilation isn’t optional. While opening your skylights every day can help, more advanced roofing solutions include ridge, gable, and soffit vents and power ventilators — which can also be powered by solar shingles or panels.

Ready to Beat the Summer Heat in Fort Collins Once and for All?

Does a cool roof in Fort Collins sound like a dream come true? Are you interested in energy-efficient roofing for your Fort Collins home, so that you won’t have to choose between sky-high power bills and a sweaty, uncomfortable summer ever again?

Then you may be interested in giving us a ring at Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration; we’re a leading roofing contractor in Fort Collins, CO, specializing in innovative cool roofing that increases your home’s energy efficiency. We’re just a phone call or email away. See how we can help you beat the summer heat!

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