A man, a Fort Collins roofing contractor, installing a shingle on a commercial roof during the roof replacement season.

An expertly-installed roof will last you for decades. When your roof (finally) nears the end of its functional lifespan, you’ll see it coming ahead of time. That’s good, because “there’s no time like the present” definitely doesn’t apply to roof replacements!

What is the best season to schedule a roof replacement in Fort Collins — and what should you consider before you shop around for roofing contractors? This guide considers the factors homeowners and businesses should take into account before they schedule their roof replacements.

Roof Replacement Season: What to Consider

A roof replacement inevitably disrupts your normal daily activities to some extent, but getting your timing right can minimize the bother. Factors to consider as you decide when to schedule your planned roof replacement include:

  • The weather. Extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and snowfall all make your roof replacement more challenging.
  • Roof replacement season. Roofing season is when most homeowners and businesses schedule residential and commercial roofing projects. Contractors are often fully booked, making it harder to find the best roofing company in Fort Collins.
  • Personal convenience. Business owners often prefer to schedule their commercial roof replacement projects during low seasons to reduce operational disruptions, while homeowners plan residential roof replacements around their lifestyles.

A Quick Look at the Fort Collins, CO, Roofing Season

Fort Collins, CO, residents generally prefer scheduling roof replacement projects anywhere from May to September. Late spring brings warmer, but not excessively hot, temperatures and comes with a low risk of rain, but early fall is another especially sought-after time for roof replacements.
Businesses, on the other hand, often tackle their commercial roof replacements during the summer, when operations may slow down.

However, roofing contractors work all year round — and there are solid arguments in favor of having your roof replaced during (nearly) every season. Let’s take a deeper look:

  • Winter is the least popular roof replacement season. Harsh weather conditions slow your roofers down and can even impact the durability of your new roof. Don’t have your roof replaced during the winter unless it’s urgent.
  • Early spring is not very busy, so you’ll have less trouble booking roofing contractors in Fort Collins. Rain may slow the project down, but we’ll get it done as soon as possible.
  • Late spring is ideal for homeowners and businesses making last-minute decisions. Most roofing contractors won’t be fully booked, giving you some much-needed leeway.
  • Summer can be a good time for commercial roof replacement in Fort Collins, but we recommend you schedule your project in advance.
  • Fall is another great time for residential and commercial roof replacements. Book your roof replacement ahead of time, and you’ll be good to go!


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