If you live in Fort Collins, CO, and are considering a roof replacement, you may be wondering what options you have. If you have a flat roof, like many people in Colorado, you can usually replace just the old roof and forget about the new one. However, it is important to know the difference between the two kinds of roofing systems and which will be best for your home.

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Flat roof replacement is the process of laying an extra layer of new asphalt shingles on top of an existing set of old shingles. Only it can only be performed once, so whether or not you already own two layers of roofing already, re-roof maintenance is definitely not an option for you right now. In order for re-roof maintenance to be cost-effective, it should ideally be performed after every two to three years. However, because there’s no tear-off tear away from the existing roof, re-roof maintenance can go relatively fast and still be a lot less costly than a full roof replacement. Especially since you typically only need to do it once, your expenses should be cut in half.

With roof replacement, you will likely need to replace your gutters and downspouts as well as the attachment brackets and tiebacks. In Fort Collins, there are various different companies that install these products, so you won’t have to worry about finding someone who can do it correctly. However, if you want it done right the first time, you can probably find someone who can help with your water damage and roof replacement. The old gutter system can be replaced with a modern water shield. A water shield will stop water damage to your home during severe weather, even when it’s pouring.

Roof coating also needs to be installed properly in order to prevent leaks. There are different types of coatings, including rubberized asphalt roof needs to be applied in two different ways. First, the coating can be applied with a special trowel. Second, the asphalt roof needs to be pre-applied with a sealer before you paint or attach it to the surface of the house. When you’re replacing roofs, having a roof coating applied properly is very helpful.

When it comes to roof replacement in Fort Collins, you have many different options. If you’d rather install your own decking, you can do that as well. Today, many companies offer pre-fabricated decking that’s easier to install. In addition, you can also install asphalt shingles on your own. Depending on the type of shingles you choose, you can save money by doing the installation yourself.

Asphalt shingles and tar roofing will require different repair techniques, depending on the damage caused. When there’s a severe hail storm or if the temperature goes from hot to cold for a long period, the asphalt roof will start to wear faster. If the old shingles are damaged or broken, you can replace them with new ones. When the old shingles are replaced with the new ones, you’ll end up saving money in the process. By installing new sheets instead of replacing the entire roof, you will be able to have a seamless roof surface.

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