Fort Collins, Colorado is a beautiful place to visit. With its pleasant climate, abundant sunshine, and moderate climate, it is an ideal year-round destination. Visitors come from all over the world to explore all that Fort Collins has to offer. From year-round entertainment activities to cultural events, there are lots of fun things to do in Fort Collins.

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A popular attraction is to plan a self-guided holiday in Fort Collins. Visiting as a group is a fun way to discover what this small town has to offer. Many tourists make their way to downtown Fort Collins via train, bus, or car rental. With bicycling being a major mode of travel for many locals, this is one of the best ways to know Fort Collins and experience the culture and heritage that make this town unique.

Outside of sightseeing and visiting historical landmarks, there are other things to do in Fort Collins. To enjoy food truck cuisine is to experience the fresh flavors of northern cuisine. At the end of your holiday, why not stop by Old Town West and catch a food truck on your way home? This is also a great place to grab a beer and a cookie at the end of your trip.

Another popular activity is to check out the downtown Fort Collins city park. The old town is preserved and offers some great outdoor entertainment. Enjoy cycling, jogging, or walking around the old downtown area. You may also want to visit the Gardens on Spring Creek if you have the time.

The beautiful Poudre Canyon is just a few blocks away from downtown Fort Collins. Hiking this trail is an ideal way to get a feel for the nature surrounding the old town and to see abundant wildflowers in bloom. Bird watching is another popular activity in the canyon, as well as water activities such as kayaking, rafting, and fishing.

Whether you travel to Fort Collins from out of town for a weekend or a month, you will never forget the experience. If you take the time to experience the heritage and history of this charming town, you will quickly understand what drew so many immigrants to the area in the first place. 

Whether you are young or old, there is something fun and exciting to do in and around the old town of Fort Collins. Just remember to bring your camera!