Have you ever visited Fort Collins and wanted to find out what Parks in Fort Collins are? My parents took me to my favorite parks as a kid and we spent hours just walking around. I would always notice something neat, so I would go up to my mom and ask how we got there and were able to explore the park even more. Fort Collins is kind of like this big little town with all these different parks you can get into. You can walk, bikes, ride your horse, or take one of the shuttles that pull on as they ascend to the top of the Rockies; Greenway Park offers an elevator to the top if that’s easier for you . Or else you can just go hiking up one of their many trails sortin’ through town.

Fort Collins has one of the best parks in the country, and it’s called Greenway Park. Right smack dab downtown, and the whole area down South Park Avenue actually was made into Greenway District. There’re some buildings situated on the property which architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed back when he lived here.Proving ya wrong bout him hillbillies. Other landmark structures we know things about is the William Heath Davis House and John Evans House.

Besides these wonderful public parks–the good thing bout private parks is they’re available ta explore–there’s also other places ava. One o them ‘reatest parks East Coast-Berry Park only goes just south o downtown Fort Collins, ‘bout two miles.. Yeh see?! Its real neighborhood clear green like type, wit swings, picnic areas, play equipment…its great er its clean….perfect day outing place!

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