Fort Collins, Colorado, is a beautiful central Colorado town that is considered the gateway to northern Colorado’s Front Range. Fort Collins is located just west of the Continental Divide, between the Laramie and Rocky Mountain National Park, and is bordered by Colorado on its western edge. It’s easy to travel to and from Fort Collins. The closest airport is the Fort Collins International Airport, which is approximately forty miles to the north.

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Fort Collins was named such because of its beautiful landscape, which is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Colorado. The town is considered to be among the very best places to live in the United States. It is very popular with people from out of state and around the world because of its abundance of outdoor activities and spectacular scenery.

The population of Fort Collins has grown steadily over the years to over 330,000 people. The largest concentration of residents is around the northwest corners of town along with the front range of Rocky Mountain foothills.

The current economic climate has resulted in an influx of a large number of new residents into the city. Because the demand for and creation of retail jobs is high, and the Boulder area is an attractive place to live and work, the city council has taken steps to accommodate the growing population.

In response to these developments, the current city council has been busy preparing various strategies to attract the businesses of this rapidly growing region. One of the council’s main goals is to promote economic development by encouraging the establishment of retail and employment centers.

Fort Collins has the third fastest growing economy in the state of Colorado. If you decide to move to the area, there are many jobs available for people with various skills. There is also a vibrant economic base in the area with many small businesses.

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View Roofing Contractor Fort Collins CO in a full screen map