loveland-hail-damage-300x200Hail can be small or large pellets of frozen precipitation that falls from the sky during or before a major thunderstorm. Hail is one of the worst things to damage your property. While most people rush to pull their cars in during a hail storm, there is not they can do to protect their home from severe hail damage.

Hail damage can be one of the trickiest types of storm damage to spot, and it can affect a large portion of your home. Since hail comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the damage done can be drastic or barely visible. Either way, there is going to be damage to your home that needs to be addressed immediately. Even if you can’t spot your hail damage alone, you need to have your roof inspected after a major storm for any signs of Loveland hail damage.

Here are some tips for how to spot and handle Loveland hail damage.

Check Metal for Dents

If there has been a recent hail storm in your area, there is going to be some signs of damages that you can spot. One of the best places to inspect for hail damage is anything. Metal is one of the easiest materials to spot hail damage on. Large, frozen pelts of ice that hit metal repeated will cause noticeable dents.

This can be a big problem if your home has a metal roof or a metal carport. Thankfully, dented metal is one of the easiest Loveland hail damage to repair.

Scan the Top of Your Roof for Damages

The roof of your house is where spotting hail damage gets tricky. When hail damages your roof it might be highly evident or it could be nearly impossible to see. It all depends on what type of roof you have installed on your home. While metal roofs are easy to spot damage on, it can be difficult to see hail damage on shingle or clay tile roofs.

Even the smallest pelts of hail that falls with the right amount of force can cause puncture wounds to your shingle roof. These puncture wounds can lead to holes and possible water damage in the future. Repairing these issues now could save you tons of money on future roofing repairs and replacement services.

When examining your roof for damages, you should check the ridge cap for any signs of dents. These areas can receive the most damage from hail because of their surface.  You can also inspect your shingles thoroughly for any signs of damages.

Call a Professional Roofer

Even if you can’t spot any hail damage on your roof, you should consult a professional roofer. A professional roofing contractor will have the ability to spot Loveland hail damage with no trouble. After a major hail storm, many insurance companies will require that your roof be inspected by an insurance claim agency before your claim is field.

You can be a head of the game by hiring a professional roof with trained eyes to inspect your roof top and other areas of your home for any signs of Loveland hail damage.

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