Glass CeilingThe importance of daylight has led to the development of Fort Collins skylights. Skylights are windows or glass covered openings in your home that allows for the penetration of daylight into your space. For a Fort Collins green home, having a skylight is extremely important in order to provide internal lighting without using electricity. They are often covered with thick fiberglass or tempered glass which is carefully sealed.  This then allows daylight to come in but likewise, avoids rain, snow, allergens and robbers from entering.

Lighting your Fort Collins home and your office is important to enable you to do things properly. However, this is often taken for granted that when you switch on your light, you forget to turn it off. This wastes energy and also wastes your money because you end up paying high cost utility bills. Installing skylights allow you to use the free light provided by nature.  Nevertheless, there are several things you need to consider before having them mounted.

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the location where you want to place it. If you want it on your roof, have it mounted securely in place so that it does not accidentally fall. Using ones that can be opened is not advisable for roof sky lighting. However, if you choose to place them in your walls, you can settle for those that open a little to allow for better circulation of air. Since they are often located higher than the conventional windows, they allow how air to leave your room because hot air evaporates.
  • The size and the shape is another thing that you should think about. Small skylights can be used in areas that need minimal amount of daylight and those that are not used during the day like the storage room and the carport. You can also have them in bathrooms where large windows are not really recommended.  The shape depends on the façade of your space. Since they become a part of your Fort Collins  home’s external characteristics, choosing the right shape is important.
  • Before making a decision on the kind of glass to be used, it is advisable that you talk to an expert who knows what works best. They should be tempered or laminated to avoid accidents. You can also use fiberglass but they often etch.

When you are already decided, make sure that your Fort Collins  skylights are mounted properly. They should also be sealed in order to contain the air quality and temperature in your room when the situation calls for it.

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